Hear What People Are Saying…

Dear Dr. Kushner,

Great news–I’m concussion free! My specialist cleared me just a few days ago. I’m writing to thank you for all of your help. There is no doubt in my mind that vision therapy reduced my recovery time and allowed me to successfully finish the school year….Vision therapy improved the course of my post-concussion syndrome and helped me get back on track. I will always remember your humor and kindness.

Sincerely, Aiyanna

“Vision Therapy has dramatically changed E’s life and my family’s as well. E’s whole attitude has changed. She’s not frustrated, angry. She love’s school and her confidence level has gone up so much. I honestly would never have imagined we would be where we are today. I could go on and on. No more headaches, stomach aches. At this point I just wish I could get the word out to others. Thank you for everything.”
“When we began Vision Therapy my son, age 9, was not able to complete written work independently. He was also uninterested in reading for any length of time. He would complain whenever he had work to complete. As he progressed he started working independently, reading fluently and picking up thicker books to read for free time activity. He is a much happier child now and doesn’t break down when work is frustrating. His confidence has increased tremendously.”
“Since starting Vision Therapy I think that J has improved in her ability to work with letters and greatly improved in her reading. I think the Vision Therapy program has been a wonderful experience for us. After we started the initial testing on J and found she had a vision problem we thought that J was heading towards special education with a learning disability and now it looks like she will be able to avoid this label. J did repeat 1st grade and maybe if we found this problem sooner she would never have needed to repeat the grade.”


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