Appearance of Eyes
One eye turns in or out
Eyes are frequently red
Eyes frequently tear
Observations when writing
Observations when writing
Poor handwriting
Writes up or downhill
Inconsistent sizing of letters
Inconsistent spacing of letters
Difficulty staying on line
Poor organization of drawings or art work
Misaligns digits
Poor accuracy copying from board
Letter or number reversals
Observations when reading
Head moves as reads across page
Head tilt to one side
Uses finger to keep place
Loss of place
Skips lines
Re-reads lines
Adds/Omits words
Substitutes words
Fails to recognize same word when repeated in text
Confuses similar words
Short attention span
Other Observations
Complaints when using Eyes
Rubbing eyes frequently
Frequent blinking
Frequent headaches
Eyes feel tired
Eyes hurt
Eyes burn
Eyes itch
Nausea after reading
Print blurs when reading
Complains of double vision
Words seem to move on the page when reading
Observations when reading
Other Observations
Avoids reading
Avoids close work
Must feel/touch things to understand
Poor eye contact
In other’s personal space
Toe walking
Difficulty understanding directions
If your child is exhibiting any of these symptoms, please consider contacting us to schedule an evaluation.


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