Your child should have their first vision exam at around 6 months of age.
If you have concerns they should be seen sooner.

It is important to not only evaluate the structure of the eyes but also the development of visual skills such as eye movement control. During our evaluations, guidance is given to parents to help the infant develop appropriate visual skills.

Infants are not born with their visual system completely intact. Vision is a learned process that develops through time. Moving, touching, and looking help to develop visual skills. Parents can play an active role in helping their baby to develop good vision.

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Did you know…

  • By 1 month your baby should be able to follow an object with his or her eyes.
  • By 2 months your baby should be able to bring his or her hands together.
  • By 4 months your baby should turn his or her eyes together to focus on near objects.
  • By 5 months your baby should be able to make the sounds for “P”, “B”, “T”, “D”, and “M”.
  • By 7 months your baby should be able to roll over by themselves.
  • By 8 months your baby should be able to sit up without support.
  • By 9 months your baby should creep and crawl.
If you are interested in having your infant or toddler’s vision examined, please give us a call at 518-886-1710 to schedule an evaluation.


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