One day Ceil woke up with strange symptoms. Without any explanation, her life changed dramatically. Her vision was blurry; she had severe pain in her eyes and she could barely stand without falling. She spent months in bed as countless doctors failed to give her any clarity or hope. Little did she know, a concussion she experienced months before was the culprit. If you have unexplainable symptoms such as:
  • You have difficulty driving because when the sun shines through the trees it causes a strobe effect.
  • You can’t tolerate being in busy spaces like a mall or supermarket.
  • You’re having trouble judging where things are in space.
  • You feel disconnected from the world around you.
Then you should be evaluated as soon as possible. These are visual issues that are often caused by a concussion. Even if you see 20/20 on an eye chart, you could still have other visual skill deficits. How we process motion, light, and where things are in space are visual skills. Listen to Ceil’s story…does it sound familiar? If so, then please schedule an evaluation today. Don’t spend another day suffering from inexplicable symptoms.
If you or someone you know is struggling with the effects of a concussion, please give us a call at 518-886-1710 to schedule an evaluation.